Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy New Year

So it is a new year and even more weird, I have been living in AZ for a year. In some ways I feel like we have been here much longer than that but in other ways I still feel like it is a very new place. It is starting to feel a little more like home and once we have a house to call our own I think it will start feeling a lot more like home.
Ez, Karl and I were lucky enough to have Dev and Beck come down for a visit. The weather here was amazing and so Dev was able to get in a lot of golfing which makes him happy and Karl was able to go on a lot of walks with Beck with made Karl happy. Beck is quickly becoming Karl's favorite person.
We were able to go out to restaurants and go shopping and have an all around awesome time. When they left I was defiantly feeling a bit home sick. The good news is now that up north is feeling a little cold and down here is feeling really nice we are getting a lot more people calling to get some warm weather and some MEK (Mal, Eric, Karl) time.

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