Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Shooting Range

Yesterday Eric and I went to the shooting range. I know what your thinking, how very white trash of them, well yes it was very WT of us but I had never been to a shooting range, or even shot a hand gun so I wanted to go and try it. I was excited to go but once we got to the shooting range I started to get a little freaked out. I mean these are guns were talking about, deadly weapons and I was not sure if I felt my carefree attitude would go well with a deadly weapon. Anyways I got past my fear and we started shooting some guns. Let me just tell you it is not like you see in the movies. In the movies you see them fire off guns like they had the power of a super soaker. In real life firing a gun is an intense experience. The guns have kick back so when you shoot them you can feel it through your hole body. When we finished I was glad that I had that experience but had no desire to do it again. I will have to give up on my dream of being a wild child gun slinger, and just stick with my non-violent ways.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Bad Habits

So its the new year and everyone is supposed to come up with new year resolutions. I have a come up with a few new year resolutions, one of which being I am going to improve my posture, but also I thought I would inform people of a couple of bad habits that I will never quit.
Okay my first and worst bad habit that I will never quit is chewing my finger nails. I know my self well enough to know I will never stop biting my nails. If you look at it from a Freudian stand point you could say I have an oral fixation. I have to have something in my mouth and most of the time it is my fingers. I have tried chewing on gum or a pen instead of my nails but nothing has worked so I have decided to embrace my bad habit and stop fighting it.
My other bad habit is my love and devotion to sugar. I love candy with all my heart and although I know it is not good for me, it makes me so happy and I will never give it up.

So there you have it. I think new year resolutions are great and we should always be improvin
g ourselves but here are a couple of bad habits you will never see on my new year resolution list.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year

So its 2010, the oo's are over and it is a little bitter sweet. The past decade was a big one for me, I graduated from High School, College and got married! It was a great decade and it had some major milestones, the biggest being Justin Timberlake bringing sexy back. As we move into the future I say good bye to the millennium, we had some good times and some bad, but when ever I see a cougar moms wearing a Juicy Couture sweatsuits or I wear a pair of leggings, I will think of you and smile.