Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our house is a very very very fine house.

So we have officially moved in to our new home!

It has been going really well but living in a new place does take some adjusting. For instance I now have gone from a 5 minute commute to work to a 25 minute commute. Now I now 25 minutes is not that bad but when you are used to 5 minutes it is quite a change. And now I have to deal with traffic. Before now I never really dealt with traffic on a daily basis. Now I do and I must say, traffic is the worst. I cannot imagine dealing with hours of traffic like some people do. I go through 20 minutes of it and I am pulling my hair out.

Okay, that's enough about commuting. Lets talk about Karl!

Karl is loving the new house but the doggie door we have that is the perfect size has left Karl completely baffled. We have tried to get him to use it but he refuses. We first tried just pushing him through it, thinking that after he saw that it was an entrance to the wouside world he would start using it. That did not work. Then we tried putting a treat outside the doggie door thinking he would go through to get the treat. That did not work either and we just ended up pushing him through again. I guess I thought the whole doggie door thing came naturally to dogs but I am finding that is not so, or at least Karl is an exception to that. He will get it eventually but at this point we have just put the doggie door training on pause.

Over all everything is going great, we still need to work on getting everything organized and put in its place but we will get there. Sorry for the lack of pictures, but i promise I will get some up.


  1. oh karl! do you fit through it? maybe he just needs you an example to follow